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How to get a jawline ? | Does Chewing Gum Help your Jawline?

A jawline is one of the most defining features on your face. It not only defines your chin but also frames the rest of your face and completes a great look. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that they have no jawline or that their current jawline is too soft to be flattering. They are left feeling unhappy with their appearance and unsure how to fix it.

Apply a face mask on your jawline once per day for fifteen minutes. Avoid applying the face mask any lower than your neck as it may be too drying and potentially leave you with dry and flaky skin.

Eat smaller portions of food to prevent overgrowth in the it. Maintain clean living by following a healthy diet and exercise program on a regular schedule. Do not skip workouts, especially if they are on your schedule for the week. The benefits of working out extend beyond physical health to mental health as well aerobic exercise has proven to improve mood and reduce stress.

Add a few sets of chin-up exercises to your workout routine. The benefit is that the pull on the face muscles will create more definition in your line of jaw, especially when you are finished building muscle. These exercises are fairly low impact and only take a few minutes out of your day. If you can’t find a chin-up bar, create a home version that you can attach to your doorframe.

These exercises only require a towel and a door frame. Perform them by hanging from your towel with your arms extended fully above you for as long as you can without dropping to the floor or lowering your chin from the towel. This will put stress on your forehead, neck, and jaw-line muscles. Use a highlighter on your jaw-line to create more definition.

Use the highlighter under your cheekbones and along your jaw-line, following the shape of your face. For best results use an angled brush and blend in circular motions along the hairline and jawbone.

Does Chewing Gum Help your Jawline?

For those who chewing gum for getting Jawline as a way to stop snacking, it may be time to rethink that strategy. It might just be worth chewing some carrots instead.

The researchers also found those who chewed gum had a decreased appetite So if you’re looking to improve your jawline, try taking out the gum and opting for some carrots instead. In chewing, gum muscles are involved, but the key muscles for jawline improvement are those that close your mouth and chew food. For a tighter jawline, you will need to do some exercises and look after your posture. The chewing muscles are used in the front of the mouth; we eat with our back teeth (once we get them through braces).

 Effects of Chewing Gum on Jawline

 Many people chew gum because it is a fun and refreshing way to stay entertained throughout the day. However, chewing too much might have some adverse effects on your jawline. The tension from holding in a piece of gum for hours can cause headaches or even trigger TMJ symptoms such as pain in the jaw joints, soreness around the ears, clicking noises when opening and closing one’s mouth, and popping sounds if chewing hard foods like popcorn.

Overly vigorous chewing that puts pressure on your teeth can also lead to tooth sensitivity or chipping due to over-brushing up against the enamel surface with excessive force. There may also be a chance of the gum in your mouth interfering with your jawline alignment and posture chewing gum may actually serve to exacerbate the symptoms of TMJ  by stiffening your jaw muscles and over-clenching.

Although gum chewing can be a mere habit, if you chew gum to relieve tension around the jawline or TMJ symptoms, you might want to avoid it as much as possible.

Other safer and more effective ways of relieving stress include regular exercise, getting plenty of sleep at night, stretching, and deep-breathing exercises for relaxation; all of which are also good for your overall health, posture, and well-being. Chewing gum can be an enjoyable pastime but it does come with some potential risks to the jawline and overall health if not used in moderation.

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