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How many Calories do Push-ups Burn

The push-up is an exercise that focuses on how much work your arm muscles do by contracting them over and over again. When doing this exercise how many calories you burn will depend on how fast you complete each repetition. Always try to strive for fast push-ups.

Push-ups are a great way to build up your upper body strength and they actually burn more calories than you might think. Studies suggest that the average person burns around 50 calories per hour while doing push-ups, which is about the same amount of energy burned by walking at an easy pace for one mile. If you’re looking for more calorie-burning benefits, add in some twists to your basic push-up routine.

The push-up is done in a modified plank position with hands up and elbows bent. Then you lower your body until your chest is an inch off the floor, keeping hips raised throughout. Then, without resting at the bottom of the movement, the next push-up is made to return to the starting position, using arms and chest muscles.

The push-ups do not only contribute to how many calories are burned but also how long you can do it. If you want to gain more weight, calories need to be consumed more than how many they are used during the exercise; if you want a slim body, how many calories are burned should be greater than how many are consumed.

Exercise Push-Up

Adults will use up around 45 to 70 calories during 20 minutes of average push-ups. This means that how many calories are burned depends on how fast you do each repetition; it’s the same thing how many calories are burned during running, how fast do you run.

For instance, 30 repetitions of push-ups every minute may burn around 39% fewer calories than 40 doing the same exercise in 2 minutes. The speed also depends on how much weight is lifted; the heavier the load will be for how many calories are burned during bench press because you will need to slow down how many push-ups can be done.

Lifting weights will not help you lose weight because how many calories are burned during the activity does not lead to caloric expenditure. As an example, if you want to burn as many as possible calories from a given weight, try doing as to how few as possible repetitions of how many push-ups can be done in one minute.

Factors Involving in Burning Calories by Push-ups

Push-ups are one of the few exercises that place all of the muscles in your arms, shoulders, chest, and back to work. A study conducted by a group of military fitness experts found that push-ups burn 10 calories per minute. It’s not as many as you would get from running or biking but it is still a great calorie burner to add into your workout routine.

Factors Involving in Burning Calories by Push-ups

The best way to do push-ups is to start off slowly, with both hands on the ground instead of just one hand. As your strength increases then try lowering yourself more and more with one hand. The reason for this is that when you do it the other way, you are only working half of your muscles.

Push-ups will give your body a workout like nothing else can, especially if done properly. Keep in mind that good form is very important if you want to get the maximum benefit out of pushups.

Push-ups are commonly practiced by people around the world. One of the most common reasons to do them would be to tone up arms or simply for training purposes.

Burning calories is the main reason why people love doing push-ups. A common misconception, in this case, would be that just by doing push-ups, you will lose weight, but it is not true. It does burn lots of calories when compared to other exercises like running or cycling at the same intensity level.

When it comes to burning calories, there are mainly two factors involved —intensity level and time. The higher the intensity, the more would be your calorie burn rate. On the other hand, the longer you perform push-ups, the greater will be the calorie consumption rate. This basically means that you should work as hard as possible and as long as possible to burn maximum calories.

Your Weight

The amount of calories burned is directly related to your weight; the more you weigh, the more will be your calorie consumption rate and vice versa. If your body weight remains constant then it can be assumed that if you do multiple numbers of push-ups in one session, the total calorie consumption will be higher.

Your Pace

If you want to burn more calories then try increasing your pace and do multiple sets of push-ups at that. The more you push your body, the more calories will be burned while doing it.

Your Fitness Level

If you are not able to do what is expected of you then just stick to what you can do comfortably and let others strive for better results. If you are already in good shape then mix things up by lifting your knees off the ground while doing push-ups. This will challenge your body more and burn more calories in less time.

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