Even if summer and the been afraid ‘bikini challenge’ are over, looking after yourself it’s becoming a new pattern, there is increasingly more individuals that take care of their health and wellness and apperance as well as do sporting activities to obtain fit.

Thanks to this trend we are obtaining different obstacles as well as health and fitness approaches which are obtaining renowned through the social media.

One of the most recent techniques which is conquering Instagram is called the BBG Method (Swimsuit Body Guide), developed by the young australian instructor Kayla Itsines, it promises excellent cause 12 weeks with less than one hr each week.

The suggested training program is split in 3 areas:

  • Resistance training.
  • LISS (low strength stable state) Cardio.
  • HIT (high strength period training) Cardio.

This workouts incorporate throughout 12 weeks and also the strength raises progressively. The preparing shoud be the following:

Weeks 1-4:

  • 2-3 sessions of resistance training.
  • 2-3 sessions of LISS cardio training.
  • 1 rehab (strech) session.

 Weeks 5-8:

  • 2-3 sessions of resistance traning.
  • 4-5 sessions of LISS cardio training.
  • 1 rehabilitation (strech) session.

Weeks 9-12:

  • 3-4 sessions of resistance training.
  • 2-3 units LISS cardio training.
  • 1-2 systems HIIT cardio training.
  • 1-2 recovery (strech) session(s).


BBG approach: Resistance circuit.

The resistance training is split in 3 types: legs and cardio, arms and abdominals, as well as the whole body. The very easy experience about this method is that you could do it in your home, you just require: a yoga mat, wights, a conditioning ball as well as a miss rope.

The training framework is the folowing:

Circuit one throughout 7 mins + 30 to 90-seconds rest + Circuit two throughout 7 minutes + 30 to 90-seconds rest + Circuit one during 7 minutes + 30 to 90-seconds rest + Circuit two during 7 minutes

workout routine

It is very important to do the exercises as often times as posible throughout the 7 minutes. You can monitor your advancement by jotting down every day your achievement.

BBG method: LISS training

This reduced intensity training have to last from 35 to 45 mins, as well as it is as basic as strolling with a great rate (in between 6 y 6.40 km/h).

BBG method: HIIT training

This is a high intensity training which lasts from 10 to 15 minutes and also alternates 30-seconds sprints with 30-seconds walks or stops.

BBG method: Rehabilitation (strech) 

The technique considers a strech session of 10 exercises as soon as a week. Nonetheless, because of the intensity of the system, we suggest to strech everyday before and after the training in order to prevent injuries.

You could get her book with her webpage.

Are you prepared to begin the challenge?