cardio workout

Part of the 7 Day Exercise Plan.

Today for some is a day off, but not if you are aiming to get fit. As it is Sunday the workout can be done at a much more leisurely pace. Seems great! And also no circuits either.

Perform each set of exercises one by one and also then you are finished.

The bodyweight exercise for Sunday is the Running Angie which we presented on 2nd January. It is based upon a CrossFit WOD called the Angie, yet as opposed to bring up we simply work on the spot.

Running Angie Workout

  • 100 high knees/ running in place
  • 100 push-ups
  • 100 sit-ups
  • 100 squats

Whereas for the previous workouts throughout the week workouts were done in sets of 10 or 20 then duplicated, i.e. a circuit training workout, for this you just complete all 100 representatives prior to relocating on to the following exercise. It will certainly appear simple at first but after that come to be progressively harder as your areas tiredness. Just keep going. Rest a little if you need to. Try to maintain count.

For the high knees you just work on the spot however make certain that you bring your knees up high each time. The simplest way is to maintain your hands in front of you. palms down, at regarding hip elevation. Purpose to hit your hands each time with your knee.

The press ups must be full standard press ups. Do as numerous as physically (and psychologically) possible. If you need to do one then remainder for 10 seconds before attempting an additional, do so. If this fails, even more to your knees. If you were already on your knees, simply dig deep as well as keep doing individual ones and also resting.

The sit-ups are the complete traditional sit-ups. Do as numerous as you can. If you truly could do no even more do with crunches.

The squats are air squats. Squat low, maintain your torso upright as well as raise your hands forwards as well as above your head. Preserve a slow-moving and stable pace. Time out if you begin to obtain tired.

In total you will certainly perform 400 repetitions, so you could possibly call this a ‘400 workout’, if you desired to.