Today my buddy Ricky Martin elevated an issue with me concerning calorie counters and also calorie info websites etc. He asked, rather simply, ‘Why is it so cuffing hard to obtain clear responses about the nutritional values of different foods?’.

He had been checking out the excellent CalorieKing web site, which permits you to look up nutritional details on a big range of foods. Today he was preparing a chicken dinner, however was battling to function out the number of calories his meal was going to be. Below are the outcomes for 100g of cooked hen drumstick with skin as well as raw hen drumstick, with skin:

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According to that, 100g of raw chick drumstick includes 161 Calories/ 673kJ but 100g of roasted chick drumstick has 261 Calories/ 903kJ. That can not be right. When you roast it sheds loads of fat so its power thickness ought to decrease.

The differences can not be associated to variants between specific hens (some are leaner than others) because the figures are standards. CalorieKing is saying a roasted drumstick contains 50 % more energy each gram than a raw one.

The power in the raw hen = the energy in the cooked poultry + the energy in the fat that comes off when cooking.

One difference could be that the raw chicken will lose moisture content, but can this really be adequate to amount to a 50 % reduction in weight, and as a result, calories?

Impossible to Log Calorie Intake

Ricky claimed: ‘I’m trying to log my power consumption. When the data for a single meal differs by nearly a day’s allowance, the entire point makes no feeling’.

I recommended that he needs to simply weight his meals, assuming that he normally eats the same dishes throughout the week, and also if weight reduction is not happening after that minimize total portion size of all meals.

For instance, if you are attempting to reduce weight and falling short with a 400g breakfast as well as a 600g lunch, reduce the portion sizes by 50g as well as see just how that ends up after a week.

What figures do other websites give?

To contrast additionally, I considered other prominent calorie counting websites. Several websites use the same database of food nourishment information, but there are a number of different systems in place.

Here are some statistics for roasted hen drumsticks:

  • Nutracheck. offers 116 Calories per 100g ‘Hen Drumsticks, Roasted, Meat as well as Skin, Considered With Bone’
  • caloriecount. com provides 215 Calories each 100g of ‘roasted, meat as well as skin, chicken drumstick’.

Now, this is appealing, since baseding on Nutracheck, the number for roasted drumsticks is the exact same as Calorie King’s figures for raw drumsticks. Calorie Count agrees with Calorie King’s roasted number. But, there is one recognizable distinction: Nutracheck states ‘Evaluated With Bone’ – this recommends that the figures for cooked drumsticks might only be consisting of the meat and skin, as well as not the bone (or the water).

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So, this could actually be the answer. Exactly how numerous people will obtain this incorrect and also overestimate how much they are consuming due to the fact that the calorie counters are not being consistent in the means that they report the material of the food. Falling short to point out that the bone has actually been eliminated is a very massive oversight!

So, while calorie counters are an outstanding means to measure just how much food you are eating and also as a result, offer a simple way to readjust your nutritional intake if you are attempting to shed fat or obtain more muscle mass, bear in mind to double inspect just what you are in fact computing! Raw hen will commonly include the bones as well as unless you prepare to eat them, you require to factor this in to your calculations.