This early morning, I listened to a podcast that spoke about the most usual holiday weight gain rumor, which is that during the holiday period people obtain approximately 8-12 excess weights from the period of Thanksgiving to New Years. 8-12 extra pounds! Assume regarding that in bags of potatoes for a second … not good as well as difficult to lose come January 1. Also if this is in truth a rumor and also not based truthfully – there is no doubt that many individuals dealing with unnecessary weight gain around this joyous period. Below are 3 basic methods to make sure you don’t pack on the excess weights as you delight in the holidays this year.

  1. EX-ER-CISE!

It is something we just can not obtain away from. A lot of us have an exercise program that oftens get pressed down on our top priority list come holiday period. Make certain that does not take place. And also if you do not have a steady routine– just what much better time to start? Enter the fitness center a minimum of twice a week as well as lift some weights. This is equally as important for women as it is for males. Obtain HALF AN HOUR of cardio (a gym course, run, walking, cycling etc.) 3-4 times a week. This is a good location to begin. This time around of year there are lots of helpful blogs around that have holiday workout routines. A basic Pinterest search will leave you loaded with workout inspo!


The holidays weigh on temptation. Nobody is safe. Making a point to consume quality over quantity will assist you prevent those vacation mistakes of mindless eating of sugar cookies. One method to make certain your mind remains in sync with your tummy is never ever visit a holiday event, party, dinner etc. starving. Concerning a hr before heading out consume a healthy and balanced treat that
is around 100 calories. Something high in healthy protein and fiber are excellent options.


Sometimes it isn’t really exactly what you eat yet just what you drink! There are a great deal of calorie laden drinks flowing around the holiday. Assume eggnog, warm delicious chocolate, landslides which sugar filled vacation strike. There are lots of ways to cut calories with these tasty refreshments. Check out our Pinterest board for ideas!

What are a few of your pointers for not packing on the pounds over the holidays?